Travis Scott Checks Security Guard for Snatching Fan Offstage

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Travis' continues his never-ending beef with security guards

Travis $cott is for the children, provided that those children are his fans. The Rodeo rapper recently brought a concert to a screeching halt when he thought that security was being too rough on an enthusiastic fan of his.

The rapper was performing an acapella breakdown of his hit “Goosebumps,” rapping the chorus while the audience clapped. An enthusiastic fan jumped on the side stage and began jumping up and down, stomping the stage to the beat. He didn’t get to celebrate for long, as security grabbeg him by the ankles, yanked him off his feet and dragged him from the stage. Travis noticed the manhandling and stopped the show to give security a scolding.

“Hold on, hold on, hold on,” he said, halting the clapping fans before turning to the security guards. “Don’t ever touch my fans like that. He know what he trying to do. We know what he trying to do.”

The fan made his way back to the stage while pointing and nodding at Travis. When he walked back up onto the stage, one security guard maintained a hold on his arm.

“Let him go,” Scott admonished.

The thankful fan re-tied his headband that had been lost during the scuffle, then Scott began the clapping and singing again. The fan jumped much higher with the newly won approval of the rapper. When the beat finally came back in the fan leapt onto the heads of the raucous and energized pit near the stage.

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Source: Instagram @travisscott