Times Hip-Hop Rapped About Tossing Salad

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They get really anal.

When Jhene Aiko sang “I might let your boy chauffeur me / But he gotta eat the booty like groceries” in the 2010 “Post To Be,” fans were stunned. One, because no one would have expected the sweet singer to get so nahsty, and two, we’ve never heard a phrase like, “eat the booties like groceries.” But it’s not the first time someone has mentioned the sexual act in a song. Rappers are known for their raunchy lyrics. Nicki Minaj is always directing guys to her ass while Kevin Gates has no shame in saying that “real n****as eat booty.” But surprisingly, there are male rappers who loved to get their salad tossed. Yep. And it’s the hardest ones who rap about getting licked from the back.

nicki minaj thirst traps

Source: Instagram @Nickiminaj

These rappers are all about eating junk from the trunk