He’s Going Solo Again: ‘The Bobby Brown Story’ is Officially in the Making

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True to Self

The New Edition Story — New Edition’s television-broadcasted biopic — set the standard for all biographical films coming after it. Not only was it the most talked about show on social media during its broadcast, it was BET’s second most-viewed premiere in five years! Second only to The Game‘s season premiere in 2012, The New Edition Story was watched by over four million viewers on its first night. As it brought in another three million viewers for its second episode and four million for its the third, the three-part miniseries was a top rated show for three consecutive nights.

Starting with their time in Boston’s Orchard Park projects and ending with their life in luxury, the six-hour biopic didn’t miss a beat. The executive producer Jesse Collins, the 11 other producers, and director Chris Robinson did an amazing job of capturing New Edition’s rise and struggles. If it portrayed nothing else, it showed that fame comes at a price not many can pay.

“When your story is told, nine times out of 10, the person isn’t here to tell it,” New Edition and Bell Biv DeVoe member Ronnie DeVoe said after the production’s release. “So, to be here, all six of us, including Brooke Payne, all seven of us, to see our story told, it’s just overwhelming.”

Afterwards, two things happened. First, The New Edition Story was added to the culture’s list of cult classic, must-watch movies, next to Straight Outta Compton. Second, Bobby Brown stayed true to himself and went solo… again.

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Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images