‘That’s Your Momma!’ Mother-Daughter Parking Lot THROWDOWN

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How bad would things have to get before you throw hands with your momma? That’s a question that one woman had to face recently after her mother pressed the issue and forced an intergenerational fight in the middle of a parking lot.

The clip starts off with Mama yelling at her daughter to get out of the car they were sharing. She takes off her jacket and gets ready to fight her daughter, all the while shouting boasts and trying to egg the younger woman into fighting her.

“What’s up?” she said as she paces near the car. “You ain’t never gonna spank this ass again, never again in your life b*tch. Again in your life b*tch. What’s up then? With your sad a**.”

It seems like maybe the woman in the car took a swing at her mom before the cameras started rolling. Whatever kicked off the fight, Mom has had it. She’s not above hitting her daughter where it hurts.

She brings up the fact that the her daughter isn’t allowed to see her own child, though the reason why is unspecified. “That’s why you ain’t got my grandson now and you ain’t never gonna get him,” she yells.

That last taunt is enough to get her daughter out of the car. She quickly comes around to meet her mom. Momma immediately starts swinging, but it takes a few seconds for the cameraman to follow their movements.

The pair go at it with the bystanders reminding the woman’s daughter that she’s fighting her mom. While she does get a few swings in, she mostly doesn’t seem interested in fighting her mom. As soon as she can, she holds her mom at a distance and moves away from her.

“Don’t swing on me no more,” she warns. “Don’t swing on me no more.”

The mom continues to challenge her daughter until she walks off.

“B*tch, what?” she said. “Like I said, hoe.”

The daughter walks off until the clip ends.

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