“Our loyalty lives forever”: T.I. Shows His Loyalty and Gifts Brand New Car To His…

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This is so sweet

T.I.’s former bodyguard and assistant Philant Johnson was killed in a shooting outside a 2006 show in Cincinatti, but the rapper has made sure to look out for Johnson’s family ever since. T.I. shared a video of himself gifting Johnson’s daughter a car to Instagram late last night. In the caption addressed to his late friend, T.I. explained why he was giving her the gift.

“See Phil… Our Loyalty lives forever!!!” he wrote. “She’s been on hers & doing everything we can possibly ask her to do. Making straight As & maintaining a 3.8 GPA all the way through school, staying away from all the things we were eyeball deep into when we was her age, & doing any & everything that’s EVER been asked of her since you left. How can we not make sure she rides cool & in comfort her senior year? We miss you more than we can express… but we’ll fill in for you in every way we can until it’s all said & done.”

“Next up… #College,” he said.  “She gon go wherever she wanna go…. and be whatever she wanna be… ON US!!!”

T.I. posted a second video where he waited for excitement to ebb, leaned over her and jokingly said “So, about this prom date?” “I can give up a date for this,” she joked back.

“Didn’t she say she could give up da thought of a prom date? I think that’s what I heard didn’t I Phil???” he wrote in the caption before assuring his late friend that he passed on some fatherly advice. “Heh well, We may lose that battle but as long as she remembers what I told her…. ‘HER way,on HER terms,in HER time,or NO DICE!!!!’”

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