Scared White Dude Pulls GUN on Hooded Black Man Ordering a Sandwich

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Watch this cop freak out over someone wanting a sandwich

What’s the worst Subway experience you have ever had?

If you’re like most people your ranking probably goes something like this:
1. That time someone was rude to you. 2. That time they messed up your order. 3. Every other time you went to Subway because they’re garbage sandwiches on rubber bread. 4. The time you just got a cookie, which was honestly decent.

We’re willing to bet you’ve never had an experience in a Subway like the poor hooded dude at the center of this viral video. He had his attempt to “Eat Fresh” interrupted by an overzealous dude with a handgun.

While the hoodie-wearer waits in line and checks his phone, the white guy in front of him orders for himself and his wife. There are very few signs that an altercation is imminent, but after re-watching, it’s clear that the white guy is plotting. He hands off his daughter to his wife to free up his hands at one point and things quickly spiral from there.

The man on his phone turns slightly to face toward the front door. While he’s not looking at the dude in front of him, said dude pulls a pistol from a holster on his side.

After whipping out the weapon, he grabs the hoodie-wearer, clearly startling him. He pats down the sweatshirt wearer, who puts his hands up. The gun-wielder lifts his shirt, grabs his crotch twice and knocks his hood and sunglasses off of his head. After he’s done running a pat-down in the middle of a casual sandwich restaurant, he hands the hoodie-wearer his sunglasses and shoves him toward the counter. While he orders the man keeps his gun out, only putting it away after other people start to filter into the restaurant.

white cop pulls gun on hooded black guy in restaurant

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