‘LHHM’ Cast Member Says ‘Basketball Wife’ Tami Roman Stole #BonnetGang Idea

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VH1 Beef is forever

Who owns a hashtag? Can any one woman lay claim to something as universal as the bonnet? Those are the questions at the center of the controversy between two VH1 reality stars. Sure, reality feuds are nothing new, but how often do we get to say that the stars are from different shows? Yeah, get ready for this one!

Love & Hip-Hop: Miami cast-member Skrawberry is going after Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman for “stealing” her #BonnetGang hashtag.

“I’m just trying to figure our when the f*ck Tami going to find some originality and stop watching my page and stealing my sh*t?” she said in a video posted to Instagram.

According to Skrawberry, Roman is copying her hashtags and video ideas.

“Aye sus,” she wrote, “This is ridiculous. This hoe stole #BonnetGang. Now she redo’n my old vids.”

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Source: VH1