Scarface and DJ Quik Concert Cancelled After Shots are Fired

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A Scarface concert had to be cancelled after shots rang out.

A Scarface concert in Portland, Oregon on August 12 had to end after someone in the crowd let off a shot. According to information released by the Portland police, a still unidentified concertgoer fired a single gunshot at the back of that city’s Crystal Ballroom. The performance ended and the venue was evacuated. No one was injured.

“Preliminary information indicates that the suspect left immediately after the gunfire and that there may have been an argument just prior to the gunshots,” the press release said.

A concertgoer named Silas Beebe describe the situation to The Oregonian. “Twenty to 40 people ran for the exit,” Beebe said, noting that the band likely couldn’t hear it and continued to play.
“Everybody cleared out of the center and pushed toward the edges and hovered and waited,” Beebe said of the second wave of patrons looking to flee the venue. He also said that the concert was nearly over when the shot rang out.
It was at that point that “the band got wind of what was happening and — boom — the band cleared out and headed for the exits.”
Beebe said that it was wild that a group from the notorious city of Compton were forced to clear out of a venue in Portland.
“So here’s this band from Compton that has to rush out of a concert in Portland. Crazy,” Beebe said. “It was a good concert other than that.”

The venue has also issued a statement on the shooting, reiterating that they take security at their venue very seriously and reminding patrons that their schedule continues unabated.

“We are thankful there were no injuries,” they said. “The security of our guests is of utmost importance to us. We are reviewing our security procedures for all of our shows. Tonight’s show will take place as planned.”

The police do not have a suspect and are asking for tips from anyone who might have seen anything related to the shooting.

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