Shooting at Cousin Stizz Concert Leaves Two Dead

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Stizz says he's 'heartbroken'

A shooting at a Cousin Stizz concert over the weekend left two concertgoers dead and two more wounded.

The shooting occured in the Atlanta venue The Masquerade prior to Stizz’s scheduled set. According to the Associated Press, one person was pronounced dead on the scene and another died at the hospital shortly after the shooting.

Both survivors of the shooting were shot in the legs and are expected to recover.

Police in Atlanta say that shooting happened after people at The Masquerade climbed onto the stage. The shooter fired on them from the crowd and then escaped the club in the ensuing panic. Police have not identified a suspect but they were spotted leaving the club by nearby security guards.

Stizz tweeted about the shooting and expressed sadness over the fact two fans lost their lives and that the typically easygoing vibe of his show was shattered. The star wrote:

“Completely heartbroken. Before I hit the stage in Atlanta tonight, there was a shooting in the crowd, two people died and two others were injured. I’ve always called my shows family reunions, because they’re never anything but fun, safe, good vibes and positivity. I’m in shock and at a loss for words for the senseless violence. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.”

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