RZA Regrets Missing Out On A “Wu-Tang Forever” Remix With Drake

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RZA regrets never getting the team together for a Drake remix.

More than a few old head eyebrows shot up when Drake decided to name a song “Wu-Tang Forever.” It seemed to be a direct challenge to the sort of people who might hate on current hip-hop in favor the grimy, New York rap of yesteryear over the current radio hits. According to the RZA, though, none of those side-eyes came from the eyeballs of the Wu-Tang Clan. In fact, the Shaolin masters were willing to jump on a remix of the track to really hammer home the idea that the Wu is forever.

RZA backed up the rumor, forwarded by U-God in the days after the song’s release, that the Clan were trying to jump on a remix with the Toronto rapper. However, the group was on tour at the time and the remix eventually fell by the wayside.


Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images