Rick Ross Sued for Bailing on Concert and Holding MASSIVE Deposit

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Dipping Out

Rappers nowadays seem like they always end up doing whatever they want. To some extent they should be able to, but when it comes to leaving your die-hard fans with an empty stage, things get serious. Rick Ross found himself in a pickle recently when he decided he didn’t want to go to a show for some reason.

It started a lot of drama. Fans had already bought their tickets, plus there was even a part of his contract that specifically stated that he couldn’t cancel the show. He’s now being sued by the company who was going to host the concert for a lot of green. Check out his excuse!

Rick Ross at Beats By Dr. Dre Special Event At Marquee New York

Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images for Beats by Dr. Dre

Check out what happened!