Was “Wake Me Up” a Nicki Minaj Diss? Remy Ma Explains the Lyrics Word for Word

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If the beef between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma — which dates back to 2007 — had settled any while Remy was away, it flared up with a vengeance after Remy released “ShETHER.” The nearly seven-minute-long track started a back-and-forth that lasted for months. From Nicki’s verse on Gucci Mane’s “Make Love” to Remy’s “Another One,” it was all messy and seemingly never-ending.

Then, when Remy won BET’s Best Female Hip-Hop Artist award — an award Nicki had won for seven years straight — and used her acceptance speech to send more shade towards Nicki… It was a lot. “Y’all bi–hes got fat while we starved/Shots in your a–, pads in your bras,” she said on the stage. “Y’all some liars it ain’t no facts in your songs/And yeah, that crown is coming back to the Bronx.”

Fans and spectators became so used to the tit-for-tat that when Lil Kim and Remy collaborated on a song, they immediately assumed that it was a diss record for Nicki. However, according to Remy Ma herself, it had nothing to do with the “Anaconda” artist.

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