Lil Wayne’s Daughter Caught Booed Up With Famous Rapper

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Reginae Carter might be stepping out of the reality TV show game, but that doesn’t mean fans have lost interest in her daily moves. The daughter of Lil Wayne and former Growing Up Hip-Hop star raised more than a few eyebrows when fans caught her riding in a car with rapper YFN Lucci.

The dating rumors immediately began to swirl because we can’t just let people be friends. The internet went off wondering how Lil Wayne would react to 27-year-old Lucci dating his 19-year-old daughter.

“So y’all really think wayne finna let this fly by w/ lucci and Reginae?” wrote user @_Bruhhhh.

Some other folks had to go ahead and do the math.

“[I]f lucci 27 & reginae 19 .. that would mean .. when reginae was in 4th grade lucci was a senior in high school ,” wrote Twitter user @WindyCityRenzo.

Others were willing to admit that it was their own perception of Reginae that was causing them issues.

“Reginae Carter fw YFN lucci omg I keep forgetting how old she is I can’t that ‘my name is Reginae but you can call me baby carter’ Reginae Out my head I forgot sis grown now do you,” wrote @ThatBlasian_xo.

And plenty more were able to tell everyone else to mind their business.

“What’s the big thing about @reginae_carter1 and Lucci? Reginae is grown! I keep seeing ‘she only 19’. age doesn’t make you grown, responsibility does.. Y’all be broke, dating ppl half y’all ages but making it a big thing behind Reginae? aww bye. y’all find anything to rant about,” wrote @devvy___.

“Here for the whole Reginae and Lucci thing if it’s really a THING! It’s only a 8 year difference who cares? THEY’RE BOTH GROWN ASF,” wrote user @DoIMontanta.

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