Redneck Road Rage! Hillbilly-Biker Showdown Takes Twisted Turn After Guy Pulls Out…

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Rednecks always have cousins around

A fight between bikers and rednecks nearly turned deadly on a back-road in Pawnee County, Oklahoma. After a group of 10 OSU students on motorcycles were allegedly cut off by a large pick-up truck, the lead rider sped up to jaw at the driver about what he’d done wrong. He wasn’t counting on the driver being ready to throw hands or the weapons-toting reinforcements who quickly appeared.

The pickup driver gets out of the car to argue with the lead rider while a shotgun-wielding man in overalls keeps his gun trained on the men from the side of the road. When the older truck driver, shoves the 19-year-old motorcyclist to the ground and begins punching him repeatedly, the shotgun-toter hops out of his car and yells at the nine other riders to keep their distance. He threatens to shoot them repeatedly and threatens the nearest one with a bashing from the butt of his gun.

Meanwhile, an overweight man who was driving down the road in the other direction hops out of his truck, identifies himself as a member of the Hells Angels, shows off a large stomach tattoo and pulls a knife on the young bikers. According to the story told by the bikers, he held the knife underneath one of their chins and threatened to kill them.

He can be heard on the video shouting “I’ll cut your f*cking throat” from off-camera and at one point he tries to wrestle the shotgun away from the overalls wearer, claiming that he’ll “blow [the bikers] faces off.”

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Source: YouTube @Bullet Broadcast