Redneck Throwdown Goes VIRAL At County Fair… Wait Till The Women Join In!

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This is the most American thing you'll see all day.

There’s few things more “Real America” than a county fair. Fried food, questionable building standards, the smell of horse sh*t… It’s enough to bring a tear to the Lincoln Memorial’s stone eye.

But this recent fair found a way to be even more ‘Murica when a brawl between two hick bro clans broke out on the fairway.

While there’s too many people and too much confusion to know what kicked off the brawl — cheating gets a mention after the fact — the clip is sure to give you a patriotic twinge for the good ol’ days. If the target of the attack can ever smell again, we’re sure he’ll go directly in search of apple pie fumes.

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Source: Bitch Your Famous