Rappers Who Caught Fades on Stage

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Being on stage, performing, and connecting with fans is an important part of being an artist. For fans to really love a rapper or singer, they have to trust and connect with them. So, artists have to put themselves out there. This leaves them vulnerable, not only to fans, but to other artists who they may be beefing with.

Needless to say, rap concerts can get dangerous. Rappers don’t pull their lyrics out of thin air and one can assume that there is some truth to their words — at least for most of them. This means… Don’t f–k with them; a guy talking about pulling up in front of someone’s house with a choppa’ and various other weapons in the trunk of his car is usually not the guy to mess with.

This logic doesn’t always kick in though, leading a person to test a rapper while he’s on stage. These rappers were subjected to the ultimate test after they were sneak-attacked on stage.

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Source: Instagram @xtentacionn