25 Rappers Accused of Being in the Illuminati

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Are these rappers part of a dubious secret society set forth to quell the masses?

Originally the known as “The Illuminated Ones,” the group now called “The Illuminati” is said to be a secret society pulling strings on a global level. When they first started, they had to remain secret because they were all about secularism and science instead of control by monarchs and religious leaders. The church didn’t like this so they had to meet in secret. They would use symbols as hidden messages that any Illuminati member could recognize. These symbols have been popping up in rap and hip-hop culture for decades now.

These days the big deal behind the Illuminati is population control. Cancer, big pharma, central banks, chemtrails, constant war, and even celebrities to keep the masses from asking questions, are all said to be used as tools to herd and control the masses. The celebrity side of it is simple. People would rather take the blue pill, and watch football, and then the Grammys than go out and do something about the countless problems ailing this planet and it’s people. People with high levels of influence are used as tools by the Illuminati to send subliminal messages to tell people to spend, and party, to perpetuate stupidity and be subdued. We’ve got a list of people in hip-hop that are accused of being Illuminati members.

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Check out the rappers that are said to be part of this sinister secret society.