Alabama Rapper Bambino Gold Goes Missing in Atlanta

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He just vanished

Rapper Bambino Gold and his cousin have gone missing in Atlanta.

The Alabama-bred pair left Montgomery last week to return back to where they were living in Atlanta. They headed to the Alabama State Fair on their way out of town and stopped by a friend’s house, but they haven’t been heard from since. They were reported missing on Tuesday and neither the men nor the car they were driving have been seen since.

“I don’t have a clue what happened to my son. It’s like he just vanished in thin air,” said Felicia Webster, the mother of Bambino’s cousin Kendrick Stokes.

Webster traveled to Atlanta to beg the police to look into her son’s disappearance and noted to a local news outlet that it was unlike Stokes to go without calling. She told local station WXIA:

“I talk with him every day. Every day. We’re a family that prays together. When he didn’t call that Monday; I knew something was not right. I hate when night comes, because I know I can’t search for him. I stay awake during the night because I’m just hoping he’ll walk through that door–or he’ll call and say, ‘Mama, I’m here,’ or ‘Mom, come get me. I’m somewhere.’ Because, normally, this is not like my son.”

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