Ralo Gets Arrested in Atlanta

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Ralo says it was all nonsense

Ralo was arrested in Georgia on his birthday. The rapper, who just dropped his new mixtape Diary Of The Streets 3, was apparently pulled over for an expired registration. However, Ralo said that there was another reason that the cops were looking at him that closely in the first place.

“Young, Black, Smart, Rich, an Muslim,” Ralo wrote on Instagram. “#1 most hated type of guy in this country. On my birthday I was pulled over due to cancellation of registration.”

For those confused as to why his registration would be expired on his birthday as opposed to the day after, Ralo gave a thorough explanation. He also said that he was brought up for a suspended license and no proof of insurance, charges which he clearly believes are bogus.

He said that he was bonded out before he even made it to the jail. He also said that as soon as he showed up in court, the issues with his license and insurance were found to be non-existent.

“GA law states that on day of your birthday you have to renew your registration,” he said. “2) In their computer system my license was suspended. 3) I didn’t have proof of insurance. My bond was paid b4 i walked in the jail. Kristie made sure of that. I went to court this morning, for some strange reason my license is active, an why da f**k would i pay ah half ah million dollars for a car an not have insurance on it??? #DiaryOfTheStreets3.”


Source: Instagram @ralofamgoon