Talk Sh*t Get Hit: Racist Lady Gets DESTROYED by Entire Neighborhood

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Talk sh*t, get hit and hit and hit...

When it comes to delivering a– whuppings, you know the old saying: It takes a village. At least that seems to be the received wisdom in the neighborhood around this particular convenience store. When one woman — allegedly a Donald Trump supporter — began making racist comments at biracial children, the entire block turned up to set things right.

The video begins with a few women tying their hair back. (Note: If a lady does this before a fight, just walk away. She’s been here before.) The women react to something unintelligible that the woman says and wail on her from all angles while holding her down by her hair.

The Trumpie falls down in the parking lot as one of the women continue to punch her. Once she hits the dirt, the woman gets a few stomps in with her sandals. After the first two women get tired of smacking the racist woman around, a few more women take turns beating her. A woman in a maxi dress pulls her up into a sitting position (by her hair) and spends the next minute or so kicking her in the back of the head and hitting her with a shoe.

After the Trump supporter threatens the women with prison time, an all-denim wearing woman gets a few punches in and kicks the woman in the stomach. The whole clip is a veritable rainbow coalition, gathered to wreck one particularly nasty lady.

Maxi Dress ends the fight by dragging the woman away from the center of the action (again… by her hair). Before Maxi can get her away though, a woman comes flying in with another punch. She yells for the woman to “take a bath” and then explains that the whole mess started when the bleeding Trumpie threatened her child.

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Source: WorldStarHipHop