Pusha T Blames Kanye West for Delaying His Album

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The wait for King Push is all Kanye's fault

Fans of Pusha T have been waiting for King Push for what feels like eons. The G.O.O.D. Music head and former Clipse member has an excuse for the delay, and given what we know about the person he’s laying the blame on, it’s a pretty darn good one. Basically, the only person to blame for the continually shifting release date of King Push is Kanye West.

Pusha shared that tidbit with fans during this year’s Made In America festival. At the Philly fest that took place over Labor Day weekend, he let the world know that we’re all waiting on West and his need to perfect the beats on the album.

“I’m just gonna go ahead let y’all know. I’ve done this album like three times,” he said. “[Kanye would] come in and pick all the beats, and then he’d hear the beat, scrap them and say, ‘I can do better.’ He’s done that sh*t like three times.”

There is hope though. It seems like Kanye and Push are fully committed to finishing the album in the near future. The rapper said that they’ve been grinding in order to get the album to fans.

“These past two months, we’ve just been locking in, day-for-day and night-for-night, getting this album perfect for y’all,” he said.

Given that Push’s last two releases have been absolute stunners, it’s probably best to stand back and let the man cook.

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