PSA: Don’t Do Crack And Throw Hands In the Damn STREET

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But if you have to, take notes from this short-haired fighter.

When crackheads throw down in the middle of the street, it doesn’t matter who comes out on top. This is definitely a situation where everybody loses. The people cheering it on lose. The guy waiting in his car for the fight to clear out loses. And Gina, Gina loses most of all.

The athletic shorts-wearing scrapper starts the fight by heading in the wrong direction and has to be directed toward her opponent. What’s this street’s concussion protocol? It definitely needs work. Though Gina definitely doesn’t, she got worked enough as is.

Gina should have known her chances when her opponent got into a stance before they started to scrap, but she didn’t take the warning and swung wildly at her baldhead competition. It was her only move and it went poorly.

Seemingly instantly, the baldhead had Gina on the ground in some sort of scissor lock. Gina was toast, but she got some reprieve for being the hometown favorite. A whole squad of spectators came up to pull the short-haired woman off of Gina in order to give the clear loser a shot at redemption. While the crowd helps, it looks like Gina misses an opportunity to kick her opponent, who is then dragged away from the center of the ring.

The baldhead also claims at some point to be having a heart attack, so it’s possible that the woman dragging her away is trying to get her medical attention but given the way the crowd acted up to that point, that’s probably unlikely.

crackhead fight

Source: Bitch Your Famous