Prodigy Gifted His Son with a Tattoo on His Seventh Birthday

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Was this a wise decision?

Prodigy allowed his son to get some ink on his seventh birthday. This interesting nugget of news is one of the takeaways from a new documentary about the late Mobb Deep rapper. Made in conjunction with The Source, the short doc is meant to honor the rapper on his birthday. It consists of the people who knew him talking about their favorite moments with the legend.

Prodigy’s son Shaka revealed that his dad allowed him to get a tiny tattoo of the letter P when he turned seven years old.

“He asked me what I wanted and I was looking at all his tattoos and said ‘I want a tattoo,’” he explained in the clip. “He came in and asked if I was ready for my tattoo and I went in and got a lil P on my arm.”

Shaka revealed that while his mother was pretty upset, he’s still happy with the decision he made way back when.

Prodigy at Rock the Bells

Credit: Mike Lawrie/Getty Images