Pics of Safaree Samuels’ Ding-A-Ling Leak and the Internet Goes CRAY!

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“It ain’t your spit game"

Oh, how the internet is acting brand new now. Collectively, everyone seems to have forgotten the days when Safaree Samuels was simply the end of a bad joke. Now that pictures of his private parts have made their way through Twitter, Safaree is more of a… person of interest.

“#safaree …… the veins …… the thickness….. it look so HEAVY !” wrote one Twitter user. “Y’all spent too much time tryna play #Safaree cuz he was ‘corny’ but he’s funny, good looking, about his family and now we know of his curved member of love. I’m on his side,” user SAMiiAM tweeted.


Source: Instagram @Iamsafaree