Petition Calls For Bun B to Be Banned From Being A Houston Sports Fan

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Man, what?

Sports fans are a superstitious lot. Giving yourself over to a team requires a certain level of thinking that they are awesome, which naturally leads to fans shifting the blame onto anything but the team when they are terrible. The team didn’t lose because of subpar talent or mismanagement, they lost because you didn’t wear the right jersey or sit in the right spot.

That’s the sort of thinking Houston-repping rapper Bun B finds himself at the business end of right now. A petition on is calling for him to be banned from all Houston sporting events, as the petitioner sees a connection between Bun’s support and Houston-area teams ill fortune.

“Bun B is a rapper from Port Arthur, Texas who supports Houston Sports,” the petition reads. “We respect Bun B the rapper but not Bun B the fan. Why? Because his support is bad for our teams. We have lost players, primetime games and shots at championships every time he’s involved from appearances to his songs. The fans are growing tired and this has been going on the past 5 years. He only comes around when we are winning so it’s only right ban him from the teams. He is a bandwagon for his image.”

Bun B is a local legend for his solo work and his time in UGK, but the petitioner clearly wants him gone. He recorded a track for the Astros during their 2015 playoff run called “Crush City” but rather than seeing this as the work of a longtime fan for a team he loves, the petitioner thinks it’s just another example of the Bun B curse.

Bun B is far from the only musician to soundtrack a playoff run. K Gates famously did it with the unofficial Saints fight song “Black And Gold” in 2010 and that team ended up going all the way and winning the Super Bowl. However, Bun B’s hype song reads wrong to this petitioner, who wants him gone.

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