Chuck E. CHILL TF OUT: Parents Go Buck Wild in Parking Lot Brawl

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Tickets is serious buisness

It’s easy to see why someone would want to fight at Chuck E. Cheese. The incessant music, the ticket exchange rates, the fact that his name is Charles Entertainment Cheese… it’s enough to make anyone want to throw hands. But wanting to box and actually throwing down within view of the ball pit are two separate things. That’s why we gathered here today. A few dudes just couldn’t take the shoddy pizza anymore and decided to take it out on each other.

In this video from a Chicago-area Chuck E Cheese two dudes who are either giants or into small ladies go at it in the parking lot. We’d call it a fight but it’s more a lesson on how to dodge. The shirtless man swings wildly, his beshirted foe ducks, dips and weaves. It’s really something else. This is how Floyd Mayweather would fight in front of a child’s birthday party.

chuck e cheese fight

Source: Daily Mail