OMG: Audio Released of Z-Ro Beating Ex-GF Just Brittany: “B*tch, I Will Suffocate You”

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This is troubling.

Just Brittany claimed that she hid in the bathroom and recorded her ex Z-Ro flipping out on the night that he allegedly assaulted her for several hours. The 21-minute-long clip was used as evidence against Z-Ro. Apparently it was convincing enough for the local police to swoop in and arrest the rapper on charges of aggravated assault. Now, a snippet of that recording has made it’s way onto the internet.

In the clip, Z-Ro can be heard calling Brittany everything but a child of God, and it seems like he strikes her several times in the minute long clip. He also mocks her crying and threatens to kill her several times. Brittany asks Z-Ro to “let her out” (presumably of the bathroom she said she was hiding in) and he can be heard becoming more and more enraged throughout the video.

The upsetting clip is merely the latest in the slowly unfolding case against the Houston rapper. Brittany waited several months to file a police report against Z-Ro and he was arrested on charges related to the incident on July 26th.


Source: Instagram @justbrittany/TMZ