Gucci Mane’s Reaction to His Surprise Bachelor Party Will Make Your Day

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Offset came through with a surprise party for Guwop

Gucci Mane’s redemption narrative should give all of us hope. Over the last 10 years, the rapper has been through the ringer. He’s been on trial for murder. He’s been in and out of prison on various charges. He’s been locked in a spiral of release and recidivism, with a healthy dose of drug addiction thrown in for good measure. But just look at pictures of him from yesterday and it’s easy to see that all of that has been put in the past.

That’s because since Gucci’s last trip to prison, he’s dropped a ton of weight, written a book, finally benefitted from the critical world and a younger generation giving him his credit, and gotten engaged. If that wasn’t enough, he has good, famous friends like Offset to make his life that much sweeter.

The Migos member ― one of two who was absolutely not left off “Bad & Boujee” ― threw Gucci a surprise bachelor party and the grin it left on Gucci’s face is infectious.

We gotta say, we like Offset’s style. How do you throw a bachelor party for your sober homie? Head past Michael’s on your way to Magic City and get yourself some strippers and some balloons. Throw in some decent food and you’re off/set.

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