Post Malone Tries Stage Diving During Show, No One Catches Him

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Post Malone ate ground at a recent show

Maybe Post Malone fans aren’t as lit as the average hip-hop crowd, or maybe they still remember that time he got called out for saying the n-word. Either way, the “White Iverson” rapper found that his eager fans near the stage at a recent concert in St. Louis were only ride or die under certain conditions. And that did not include the big-bodied rapper dropping onto their heads.

Post was playing his new single “Rockstar” and felt like trying out that time-honored tradition of rockers everywhere: the stage dive. However, the crowd didn’t get the memo and let him fall straight to the venue floor.

For his part, Post took it in stride. He continued to rap the song seated on the venue floor. He’s still riding high on the fact that he charted higher than Taylor Swift this week, so he can take a few lumps. Malone seemed to be in good spirits when he tweeted about the mishap later in the evening.

“Felt like jack black in school of rock tonight when i staged dived and nobody caught my fat ass. Wish i had lil uzi body,” he wrote.

Fans captured Post’s fall from several angles and quickly posted them to social media. One fan even shared a shot of Post, tummy out, laying on the floor of the venue as the fans realize what happened and begin to swarm. According to the poster, one girl made out with him as he laid on the floor, so things weren’t all bad for the “Congratulations” rapper.

Post Malone throwing up a sign in a blue shirt and lots of chains

Source: Instagram @postmalone