No Malice Reveals the Real Reason He Quit Clipse

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Looks like there won't be a reunion...

We’ve known for a while that No Malice left Pusha T and their group Clipse behind because he didn’t feel comfortable rapping about violence and drugs as a Christian. Still, it’s interesting to hear him explain his reasoning in-depth, even if all we can hear is one more nail in the Clipse Reunion coffin.

The rapper started out by explaining why he made the decision to change his name from Malice to No Malice in 2012. The former Clipse member is a believer in the superstition that holds you can speak things into the universe.

“I believe we become how we’re labeled. You keep answering to a certain thing, you gon’ be that, you know what I’m saying?” he said. “Unless you’re trying to look at it as it’s just entertainment. But you may try to say that, but certain things start to stick. You might start seeing, you talk about dope on record, you might start seeing an indictment or something like that. I guess it’s that age old question, ‘Does art imitate life or is life imitating art?’ That’s a real thing. I absolutely know that there is nothing malice about me, or who I’m supposed to be.”

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