“Y’all Scared” Nipsey Hussle Calls Out Radio Stations for Not Playing Anti-Trump Anthem

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Nip is not happy.

Nipsey Hussle is calling out radio stations for refusing to play his collaboration with YG “F*ck Donald Trump.” The anthem took off during the divisive president’s campaign and became a rallying cry for people who wanted to resist his rise.

In spite of the widespread popularity of the track, “FDT” has been largely absent from the airwaves. That might have something to do with the fact that the chorus is “Yeah, n*gga, F*ck Donald Trump” repeated over and over. An edit of the track would literally say “Yeah…Donald Trump,” which is far from the same message. However, Nip thinks there’s something a bit more questionable going on. The rapper shared a clip to social media where he tore into DJs and radio stations for being afraid to play the song.

“All you motherf*cking radio stations, y’all n*ggas is hoes,” he said. “Out of every record, y’all scared to play ‘F*ck Donald Trump.’ I remember getting a call that ClearChannel banned it. Y’all n*ggas supposed to stand up. Fuck this n*gga. Play that record, make that motherf*cker the anthem.”

He called out several prominent radio stations in the text of the post.

“We did our job as artists. Y’all ain’t doing your job as DJs and radio stations,” he wrote. “@Power106 @Hot97, what’s y’all stance?”

Power 106 responded by bringing Nipsey on their show to talk about it. While he was being interviewed by the hometown station, Nipsey said that it’s not about making money off the track. He just wants people to stand up and say what they actually believe.

“The only reason I was vocal about this, it’s an issue that’s bigger than all of us, bigger than careers,” he said. “We gotta be radical sometimes. All of us. Not just artists. Everybody.”


Image: @Nipseyhussle/Instagram