Nipsey Hussle Arrested and Jailed After Cops Found His Car In…

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And he didn't let it stop him from recording.

Nipsey Hussle was jailed overnight last night (August 28) after LAPD officers found his car parked in a handicap spot and uncovered outstanding warrants for the rapper. According to TMZ, the rapper was illegally parked and the police found he had outstanding traffic violations when they ran his plates. However, the rapper was quickly bailed out of jail and he headed straight to the studio. He posted a clip explaining his arrest to Instagram.

“I just bailed out on some bullsh*t traffic warrants, what ya’ll doing at five in the morning?” he said.. “I slept at 77th. I’m back in the lab, n*gga. Ya’ll can’t take my vibe right now. Ya’ll can’t take my inspiration—at all. It’s not gon’ happen. And my n*ggas in here still cookin’.”

He also thanked the people who got him out of jail so quickly in the post’s caption and added in some choice words for the officers who put him there. “Fucc LAPD y’all can’t stop GOD!!!! And S/O My bro @akilthehunter and @365bailbonds for getting me out like a boss in no time💪🏾🏁,” he wrote.

Nipsey Hussle posing for pic

Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty Images Entertainment