Caught on Video: Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim Fans Meet Up to Fight in Person

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Is this real?

Beef isn’t something to be taken lightly. Every diss track comes with a side of assumption that the attack will be good for the disser’s career and every response comes after a calculation on whether or not to give the attack the time of day. If you want to see how poorly a willy-nilly beef can go, just take a look at Meek Mill’s career. He wasn’t thinking when he let his Twitter fingers loose, so he was taken to the woodshed by a master tactician.

That doesn’t mean that beef can’t simmer out of sight or that fans can’t pick up on those vibes and act accordingly. While MCs have to be careful about picking their battles, their fan armies can go at each other with vigor.

That’s what happened in this viral Instagram live video. Apparently, things got so heated between a Lil Kim fan and a Nicki Minaj lover that the pair decided to settle it face-to-face (or fist-to-face).

The short clip shows the two stans throwing down while commenters throw out various expressions of disbelief. That disbelief festered to the point that many people think the fight was staged — and we can’t say we blame them. Still, even believing in a rapper enough to stage a nasty fight is worth noting.

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Source: Twitter @jesse_creates