Nelly’s Upcoming Concert in Saudi Arabia Can Only Be Attended by Men

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It's going to get hot in Saudi

In less than a month, St. Louis rapper Nelly is slated to perform in Saudi Arabia at a males only concert alongside Algerian singer Cheb Khaled. The performance is part of an initiative, lead by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, to normalize music concerts in the country.

While the efforts to reintroduce public performances to Saudi citizens is nobele (events of this kind have been tightly restricted for some time), the “males only” tidbit may upset some of Nelly’s American fans. After all, some of Nelly’s biggest hits feature women artist. (How would “Dilemma” have sounded without Kelly Rowland? What would “Body on Me” have been without Ashanti?)

nelly standing in front of a crowd of people in colorful sweatshirt

Source: Instagram @derrtymo