NBA YoungBoy Dogs the Sh*t Out of His Baby Mama While Laid Up With Girlfriend “You Ugly”

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Bullies beget bullies. Everybody has to look further down the chain for someone to pick on once they’ve been embarrassed. And given that YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s chain was literally just snatched off his neck (citation needed), it makes sense that would go picking fights with an ex.

While laid up with his new girlfriend, the rapper went in on his baby mama.

“You ugly,” he said of the mother of his children. “I’ll slap the f*ck out of you.”

This talk was a lot tougher than the one he gave to the dude who recently jacked his famous chain at a North Carolina show. After the man posted videos of himself wearing YoungBoy’s chain and asking for a ransom on it, NBA responded… but didn’t threaten him in the same way.

The rapper claimed that the thief was also a liar and that the chain was stolen from a friend who was holding it while he performed.

“You lil’ b*tch a** boy. You ain’t snatch sh*t off my neck. B*tch you snatched off his neck,” the rapper said while pointing the camera at the person who let his chain go for a walk. “You ain’t snatch sh*t off my neck, f*ck wrong with you man. Don’t sit up there and lie. I ain’t tripping off all that sh*t. You know a n*gga ain’t never play with me like that.”

Given that YoungBoy is likely never seeing his favorite chain again, it makes sense that he’s in a mood. Then again, we’re not sure his baby mama is the best outlet for his frustration.


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