Licky Licky: Nas Gives Nicki Minaj Tongue Bath at Wild Birthday Bash

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Is Nasika confirmed?

Nas was feeling good at his birthday party. Wearing an outfit that can only be described as upper-crust pajamas and never seen without a drink in his hand, Nas lived his best life for a few hours. He sealed it with some serious smooching with America’s #bodygoals and Remy Ma’s #careergoals, Nicki Minaj.

The shots from inside the party start out tame enough. Nas had his arm around Minaj when the cake came out; it all seemed chummy, but turns out he wanted to get friendly. (The later videos seem to suggest that he succeeded.) After the crowd sang Stevie Wonder’s “Happy Birthday,” a later Snapchat from one of Nas’ friends shows the rapper putting some sloppy moves on Minaj to the sounds of Mint Condition’s “U Send Me Swingin.” (You know, just in case you needed a reminder that Nas is 44.)

An even later shot from Nicki Minaj showed the rapper batting away Nasty Nas as she tried to send a goodnight message to their fans.

“Oh my god, Nasir,” she yelled through laughs as Nas tried to kiss and lick her face.

The clip ended with a very drunk Nas calling out every other rapper in the world and mumbling. Good thing this rumored power couple probably has drivers to get them wherever they’re going.

Nas, Nicki Minaj, and Statik Selectah

Source: Instagram @statikselekt