Meek Mill Elbows Girl Who Gets a Little Too Close to Him (Video)

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Move from Meek Mill, please.

As we’ve seen time and time again, things don’t go too well for people who get too close to entertainers. Whether it’s random bikini-clad women being chucked from festival stages, leaping Lil Uzi Vert fans catching a beatdown or just a vicious tongue-lashing from Cardi B, there’s a price to pay if you get too close to folks who are used to overzealous stans crowding them.

After all, when you deal with enough mic-grabbers and rowdy crowds on the daily, you learn to claim your space pretty quick. And that’s exactly what Meek Mill did in this short clip. He was performing in some kind of pool. (Side note: Is Meek performing on cruise ships now? I mean “Back To Back” wasn’t that bad.) That’s when a random woman dances up kinda close and feels more than a little poke coming through. In one swift motion, Meek manages to tell the woman to get the hell on without even breaking concentration. That’s talent. No squad of eager-to-please memesters necessary.

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Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images