Meek Mill Began His Prison Sentence and Jay-Z Won’t Stop Talking About It

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"Unjust" and "Heavy Handed"

Less than a week after being handed a lengthy prison sentence for violating his probation, Meek Mill has turned himself in. The Philly rapper was processed by Pennsylvania’s Dept. of Corrections this week and is already serving his time. The name of the prison he’s riding out his sentence in is being concealed for security purposes.

Mill’s lawyer Joe Tacopina has been extremely vocal about his outrage with the sentencing. In an interview with Billboard, the attorney did not try to hide his disdain for Genece Brinkley, the judge who handed out the controversial sentence — and oversaw Meek’s original 2008 case. Tacopina adamantly stated that Brinkley’s decision stemmed from a personal issue with the rapper and that he would fight the sentence “until this gets rectified.”

Though Tacopina continues to give comments about the case, Meek has been relatively quiet. The “All Eyes on You” MC — who has received tons of support from his celebrity counterparts — did not even release a statement before turning himself over to the authorities. However, his last Instagram post, dated the day news of his sentencing broke, spoke volumes.

“We go to war for our freedom … they say we equal,” the rapper wrote next to a picture of himself sitting alone. “I used to wanna play i like Randall and be a Eagle …. i used to play the quarterback my homie would go receiver … that was until the football got flattened by a dope needle … on the pavement.”

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