Master P Sues Equity Firm for Backing Out of His Weed Company

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Make 'em say what?

The last time Percy Robert Miller (Master P) was making noise he was talking to Tomi Lahren and slamming Kevin Hart’s efforts to raise money for Hurricane Harvey victims. Now he’s a victim, as Privateer, a “private equity firm shaping the future of the global legal cannabis industry,” has pulled out of a multimillion dollar deal with the rapper.

The mogul began Master P’s Trees in November 2016, signing with Privateer Holdings to produce and distribute the premium products throughout California. “We can recall just one tree equalizer with its roots deep in the soil of our great forests. We bring to you the healthy green plant that lives in our heart and vapes into our souls,” the cannabis line’s website proclaims.

As stated in the contract, Master P would promote Master P’s Trees and pay half of the production expenses. The deal, which was slated to last one year, stated that both parties would split the profits 50/50.

The line of weed, oil, vapes and edibles was reportedly going to be released at a July festival at which Master P was set to perform. Everything was going to plan, until Privateer backed out of the agreement. In return, the rapper is suing, saying the company used him to get “an inside look into the urban and hip-hop demographic of cannabis users,” never truly planning to work with him.

The lawsuit reportedly asks for $25 million in lost profits. Though Master P is being vocal about the foul move, Privateer has yet to comment.

master p at the bet awards in 2013

Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for BET