Master P Announced as Owner of Mixed Gender Pro Basketball League In His Hometown

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He's also the league's president.

Sometimes the world hits you with something you never could have predicted in a million years. The golden-tank-owning man behind “Make Em Say Ugh” trying to take a few steps forward for gender equality in professional sports is one of those things. Master P has been unveiled as the president of the Global Mixed Gender Basketball League and shared that he’s starting his own co-ed team in his hometown of New Orleans.

The New Orleans Gators will be Percy Miller’s offshoot of the first professional basketball league to allow players of both sexes to play at the same time. He announced the new team on his Instagram.

“Many business people and celebrities have their eyes on the new professional basketball franchise in New Orleans. But today, Percy Miller was able to close the deal with the GMGB organization,” the press release/IG caption read. “Mr. Miller was born and raised in New Orleans and basketball has been a passion of his since childhood. Owning the New Orleans Gators is a great fit for him and the City, bringing family entertainment and basketball together in one arena is exciting for the community. Putting professional men and women athletes on the basketball court at one time is unique. And giving women equal pay as the men will even the playing field in the Global Mixed Gender Basketball

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Credit: Robin Marchant/Getty Images