Maino Allegedly Spits in Girl’s Face [Video]

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Did Maino spit on this woman?

Maino landed himself in a bit of a mess when he allegedly spit on a woman at Loews hotel in Miami. A brief clip shared by The Shade Room showed a woman lunging at the TKTK in the lobby before security stepped in between them and broke them up. The rapper appears to be laughing in the short video on Instagram.

While he didn’t address the video directly, he did post several images to Instagram that seem to discuss the incident. “Never understood why people believe anything they read,” he captioned a picture of himself later in the evening. “Guess it’s just the times we live in. Came to far to get tricked off the right course. Still shining.”

In a series of posts of the “Hi Hater” rapper in front of a luxury car outside the hotel, the rapper continued to reference the event in an oblique manner.

“She said ‘I Love you Jermaine,’” he wrote, seeming to jokingly reference what might have set off the argument. He also posted a picture of himself looking bewildered that seemed to address the incident and the surrounding controversy more directly. “When they posting shit that ain’t true and you just out here getting a tan by mistake lmao,” he said in the caption of a photo of himself shirtless inside the car.

Maybe this is just what happens when the self-styled King Of Brooklyn leaves his kingdom. All the Game of Thrones fans can attest that nothing good comes when a Northern king makes his way south.

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