Lil Yachty wore a ‘F–k Joe Budden’ Hoodie “Cuz What a Hater Gotta Say”

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Let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Back in April, Joe Budden made it very clear that he wasn’t a fan of the direction hip-hop is going in. “I don’t think that Yachty is hip-hop,” Budden said on Everyday Struggle. Citing Lil Yachty’s Teenage Emotions album cover, Budden continued, “I don’t think that Yachty’s label [Capitol Records] is hip-hop. When you’re not hip-hop and you’re trying to just troll or exploit, you get things like this album cover.”

In response to Budden’s public criticism, the “On Me” rapper listened to Lil B’s Joe Budden diss track “T Shirts and Buddens.”

Though Joey eventually apologized for his comments, when him and Yachty met in person to film an interview for Everyday Struggle, it didn’t go great. The May 2017 interview went down hill after Yachty claimed he’s happy all the time.

“Feelings are fickle,” Budden rebutted. “What that means is, they come and they go. Nobody is one thing forever. You cannot tell me […] you would be lying to tell me that as a young man in this industry, in this music industry, in the music business, you are happy 24-7. That is a lie. That is bulls–t. And I refuse to have somebody tell me bulls–t. I want to have an honest conversation.”

Regardless, Lil Boat maintained that he’s “happy every day.”

Then in June, Joey came for Boat again. “You’re not a mega star when you sell 40,000 records,” Budden said, referencing the sales of Teenage Emotions. In response, Yachty brought up the sales from Budden’s 2016 album Rage & The Machine.

The two stayed away from each other for the most part… until now. During a recent performance, Lil Yachty wore a hoodie that noticeably read: “F–k Joe Budden.”

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