Lil Pump Says He’s Done With Drugs

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New Beginnings for Lil Pump

Over the past two years, Lil Pump’s meteoric rise to stardom has made him the poster boy of Soundcloud rappers and the scapegoat of old heads claiming hip-hop is dead. Regardless of what you think about him, he’s making waves in the music industry. At the age of 17, he has a 17 track Soundcloud profile with no less than 2M plays on each song, with many hitting eight-figure play counts. That’s not to mention his music scattered across YouTube and his features on other tracks.

He’s also fostered a strong social media presence. With over 9M followers on Instagram, Lil Pump has often given the world a glimpse into his personal life. Other videos have floated of him have floated around the internet as well, and much of the content shown is what you might expect from a young, rich, and famous rapper. Expensive things, money, guns, and drugs. If you listen to Lil Pump, you’d know that his ig’nant behavior is pretty consistent with the ig’nant lyricism that he’s known for. He even has a song called “Ignorant”.

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Source: Youtube/Lil pump