Lil Pump and Smokepurpp Arrested In LA

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Esskeetem - LAPD

Lil Pump and Smokepurpp were arrested while riding around in Los Angeles this week.

While details are scarce on what caused the police to pull over the two South Florida rappers and put them in cuffs, there is video of the incident. Fans of Lil Pump recognized the rapper from across the street and recorded him while yelling “Esketit” and “Gucci Gang” at the police. The cops shined flashlights in their face and then harassed them over not having bike lights (which is cop-speak for ‘get the heck out of here’).

Whatever the pair was caught up in — and it’s not hard to imagine given that Pump celebrated a recent milestone with a cake shaped like a Xanax — it doesn’t appear to be too serious. Pump didn’t provide details, but he joked that the cops let him go once they realized they had a famous rapper in their midst.

“The cop pulled me over & I told him ‘B*tch, it’s Lil Pump’ & he let me go,” he wrote on Twitter.

While that’s clearly a joke, it’s not much of an exagerration for the high that Pump is riding right now. The rapper has gone from a Soundcloud oddity that left old heads scratching their domes to a genuine hitmaker with one of the most popular songs in the country, “Gucci Gang.”

That single, which comes and goes in a flash and is mostly a repetition of the title, is officially the shortest track to make the Billboard Top 10 in over 40 years. (I bet you never thought you’d see Lil Pump in the history books, but here we are.)

lil pump raising his pinky selfie

Source: Instagram @lilpump