A Message From Beyond the Grave: Was Biggie Lil Kim’s Soul Mate?

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A Message From Beyond the Grave

Tyler Henry, host of Hollywood Medium, told Entertainment Tonight that he received a few special messages from Notorious BIG for his ex-lover Lil Kim during the shooting of his latest episode that will air Wednesday, August 23. In the following clip, you’ll see some of Kim’s reactions to the positive and loving message from beyond the grave.

Lil Kim and Biggie’s history has been subject to many different interpretations since his death, but Tyler Henry seems to think that his work as a medium provided Kim some much needed assurance that his spirit is still with her and is still supportive.

The question on everyone’s mind, however, is what Faith Evans, the late rapper’s wife, would have to say about all this…

A man displays a T-shirt tribute to rapper Biggie

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