LHHH’s Masika Kalysha and Alexis Skyy Go At It on Social Media

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They aren't done

The feud between Masika Kalysha and Alexiss Sky hasn’t cooled one bit. Days after Kalysha let it be known that Skyy was planning to unveil a pregnancy and ensure another season on the VH1 reality show, the Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood star is still going in on her nemesis.

Kalysha went on a long-winded rant about Skyy — claiming that her honesty was brought on by pain medication, but we don’t think there’s a prescription for petty — and repeatedly insisting that Skyy didn’t know the father of her child.

“Well, I’ve had enough pain meds from my breast reduction to tell a little bit of the truth today. One more pill and I might start preaching,” she began. “So happy for Abuick Dirt & KD when he got u pregnant in Aguadilla last month or was it Justin Combs? Or the married football player in Vegas? Or the fat promoter that flew you to Vegas?”

Kalysha also claimed to have inside info on Skyy’s alleged schemes.

“These text messages in my lap tho,” she wrote. “Hoe should be careful who they text about they pregnancy plots. I don’t know what’s lower, these b*tches credit scores or IQs or bank account balances or self esteems.”

She also took the opportunity to take shots at Skyy’s net worth, claiming that her fellow reality star couldn’t afford to live the way that she does.

“Where’s that red g wagon? Uber X pool elite? B*tches want to join the Maybach life so bad. S550 or don’t talk to me, rental hoe,” she said. “So sad you looked like a Kool-Aid cloudy day and couldn’t afford the Gucci dress you asked that stylist to put you in so you could look better than, and I quote, ‘that b*tch Masika.’ Slut why didn’t you buy it like I bought my Balmain?”

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