‘LHHH’ Stars Masika and Mister Ray Get Into Heated Altercation With Driver While He Records

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He knows his rights

It seems like Masika Kalysha can’t catch a break. Every way she sets her feet she finds beef. She knows no shelter from the constant waves of digs and social media shading. She isn’t even safe with her own drivers.

That’s what we learned from this video of the Love & Hip Hop star and her cast-mate Mister Ray having a spat with their driver. Things got real heated between the driver and the two stars, and he made sure to have his camera rolling the whole time.

The video starts with the driver repeatedly asking Masika to get out. She declined, saying that she was waiting for another car to take her wherever it was she was trying to go.

“I don’t need you to take me anywhere in this piece of sh*t car,” she said. “When my driver arrives I will step out.”

Mister Ray asked why the driver hed his phone out and he let them know that he was recording. Masika told Ray to take the driver’s phone and the driver took him on.

“I’m waiting on my Maybach,” Masika told the driver after turning on her flash to ruin his shot of her.

“You can do that from outside,” he responded.

Masika even tried to bring a third party from outside the car into their altercation. She seemed to be confused about the laws regarding recording people. When she complained that someone was recording her, the driver yelled back “Yeah, in my car!”

The confrontation escalated when Mister Ray and the driver stepped out of the car.

“I can record whatever the f*ck I want to in my car!” he said, before the pair brushed up against each other.

The phone then got jostled, and the driver can be heard saying “Don’t touch me.”

Masika Kalysha taking selfie

Credit: Instagram @masikakalysha