‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Stars Brawl During Reunion Show

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Zell and Misster Ray threw hands at the reunion.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood stars need to hug it out, but it looks like even that can’t help but turn into an all-out brawl.

According to TMZ, a recent taping of the show’s reunion special came to blows when Rodney Shaw (known as Zellswag) and Myles Cunningham (a.k.a Misster Ray) couldn’t seem to squash their season-long beef. The gossip website said that producers asked the pair to squash their beef on the set of the reunion. At first, the producers seemed to get their wish. The pair moved toward each other for a hug, but then Zell sucker-punched Ray. They say that Rodney landed a few sucker punches and then booked it out of the studio when the police were called.

While little is known about the altercation, Myles posted a trash-talking clip after the showdown and said that this moment is the end of Zell’s time on the show.

“I’m trying to figure out where that ghetto monkey said he made me bleed in the face,” he said, before showing off scratches on his hand. “This is all you did. You scratched me, you f*cking wild monkey.”

“I hope you have enjoyed Zell Swag,” he added. “He’s only in two minutes of the reunion. I have pressed charges and they will be putting you in jail where you belong, you f*cking ghetto monkey.”

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