LHH War: Tammy Rivera Clowns Hazel-E for Throwing Herself at Waka Flocka

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Rivera dragged Hazel for trying to finesse Waka away from her

Even being on separate outposts of the Love & Hip-Hop empire couldn’t keep Tammy Rivera and Hazel-E from beefing.The two have been going back and forth on Instagram, dragging their men into the mix for good measure. According to Rivera, the beef goes back well before the women were on TV and it has to do with her husband Waka Flocka Flame.

The whole thing started when Hazel’s boyfriend Rose Burgandy commented that Tammy looked fat in a post to Instagram. The post on a Love & Hip-Hop-covering Instagram account showed Tammy out and about at New York Fashion Week.

The account posted a screenshot of Rose’s comments and then then Hazel shared the post even further.

“She keeps trying me so it’s whatever she shouldn’t keep posting her opinions on our business,” added Hazel in a post of her own.

That led Tammy to explode on both Hazel and Rose. First, she threatened to sic her husband on Burgandy.

“Let me tell you something, miss thing. You might want stay in a n*gga’s place cause this ain’t what you want,” she wrote. “My husband a real n*** and will skin you b*** ass and that’s facts. Take the tampon out yo ass and realize who the f*ck you playing with. ”

But Rivera wasn’t done. She went on to allege that Hazel has her number because she tried to convince the rapper to cheat on his wife back in the day.

“WAKA ASKED HAZEL FOR KAT WILLIAMS NUMBER AND INSTEAD SHE TEXTED HIM A VIDEO OF HERSELF AND WAKA SWERVED HER SAYING OH NAAH SHORTY IM NOT ON THAT KINDA TIME!” she wrote. “I seen it with my own eyes and wasn’t going to tell the world how you was trying to throw yourself on a married man cause I’m better than that! And this was years ago, before her nosejob. This ain’t no love & hiphop sh*t.”

Waka Flocka Tammy Rivera

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