No Big Deal: Bada** Woman Gives Birth on the STREET Then Walks Away

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Can't let giving birth get in the way of your day

Savvy internet-goers know by now that you should never trust a wild story that claims to have happened in China. They tend to feed on a sense of otherness that allows us to put our guard down on stories we’d otherwise be skeptical about. It’s a less potent version of the thinking that led to phrases like Chinese Whispers and Chinese Fire Drill. Luckily, for this latest crazy story, we have video proof.

A woman gave birth while standing on the street in Yunfu, Guangdong and did not even let it put a kink in her schedule. While strolling down the street, the woman suddenly stops and doubles over. She then proceeds to give birth while standing up; onlookers rush over to help as they realize what’s happening.

The scene jumps from the woman huddled over to bystanders starting to help. A further jump-cut shows that the citizens have put down cardboard and offered her chairs and an ottoman to rest her feet/baby on. Apparently, there was a medical professional nearby, because another cut shows that a scrubbed up nurse or doctor (wearing all the appropriate gear) is helping the woman and her baby get through it. Further shots show the baby being wrapped in swaddling blankets while the new mother looks on, seemingly feeling fine.

The closing shots of the video show the mother walking away with her newborn baby in one arm and her groceries in the other. She didn’t walk all the way down there to come home with just a baby. The only sign that she’d just given birth was the blood that soaked the bottom of her dress. There are troopers and then they’re are TROOPERS and this woman is absolutely the latter. Pity any person who ever stands in her way.

chinese woman gives birth in street

Source: WorldStarHipHop